Safety Culture Survey: Benefits

Why an indispensable tool to Health and Safety Managers?

The Safety Culture Survey allows you to pin point any trouble spots or training gaps. Does your gut instinct or anecdotal evidence tell you your company is not up to scratch on health and safety? Need some hard evidence to present to your directors or the company board?

What is a Safety Culture Survey?

Our easy online safety culture survey enables you to carry out a complete audit of the safety climate within your business. It provides you with statistical evidence, measuring employee attitudes about how your business is run, and their role and responsibility within the business process. It can also help you evaluate how different attitudes compare between departments, sites and regions.

Information and opinions are gathered by asking your colleagues to fill in a simple online questionnaire, taking less than 15 minutes. All questions are multiple choice. Paper versions for manual workers are also available at a small extra cost (which includes data entry).

Each member of staff is allocated a unique password login so the survey is completely anonymous - so you can be sure you are getting honest answers.

The survey is divided into six sections:

  1. About you
  2. Leadership
  3. Learning and training
  4. Engagement
  5. Communication
  6. Attitudes

Your results are stored on our secure area and available to you and your management team through your Management Information panel. In addition to downloading the raw data in CSV or spreadsheet format, you can also use the online tools provided to cross tab responses by all the demographic answers available to you.

Our online analysis includes a culture indexing report based on the spread of responses across the four possible selections. This is designed to provide a clear visual representation of how positive your results are, and allows for simple comparisons between questions and against various demographics.

Your data is available online in our client login area for a full year.