Safety Culture Survey

How safe is your organisation?

Can you rely on your colleagues to take the right actions?

Find out the truth with this easy online Safety Culture Survey tool.

Safety Culture Survey tool

This is an indispensable tool for Health and Safety Managers. It provides a wealth of information about your colleagues’ attitudes and skills to safety, presented in easy graph format. Staff are given unique password logins so the survey is completely anonymous – so you can be sure you are getting honest answers.
Prices start from as little as £1000.

Safety Culture Survey: Benefits

The Safety Culture Survey allows you to pin point any trouble spots or training gaps.

Safety Culture Survey: How it works

It only takes FOUR easy steps to discover how well your company is performing in terms of health and safety

Safety Culture Survey: Next steps

Once you have carried out a safety culture survey, you’ll have a much better idea how your organisation measures up to others in your industry or field.

Blog: Engaging your team

Regardless of the size of your workforce, it is vital to appreciate them both as individuals and as part of your company’s team.

Get some ideas that are simple to initiate but make a big difference.


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